WELCOME !

This service will provide you all the information you need to get going with your journey of finding a career path. So ride the crest and go through the trough !

                                                    What is KILKAS ?

KILKAS project aims to support and guide employability for foreign students. It can be internship, Thesis, career planning and entrepreneurship. KILKAS understands that it can be difficult for a foreign student to build that stepping stone towards their career path. Hence, KILKAS wants to be that stepping stone for students which can be valuable in shaping their future in Finland.

As a result of this KILKAS project one will find information about how to find jobs, internship,  how to build a CV, how to write motivational letter to both open and hidden jobs, student contracts, e-portfolios, practical training, how to prepare for interviews and some useful tips for quick information on all topics above.

This project also motivates our students to seek best possible ways to adapt to Finnish culture and learn Finnish Language, For a simple reason that future colleagues will be mostly Finns and you are in Finland, duhh! So basic Finnish can make your life easier. It could also be a plus in terms of getting hired, though isn’t the only option, one’s skills matter most but factually a plus.

For more information about KILKAS, please visit : https://www.xamk.fi/en/research-and-development/kilkas-competitiveness-and-growth-in-promoting-the-employment-of-foreign-uas-students/